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Fly press for sale

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I have a P-5 Fly press with a heavy duty moveable stand for sale. It is in the Knoxville Tennessee area. The asking price is $1100.00 I will include some home made tooling. Here is a photo of the actual press as well as a screen grab from a retail site. Thanks for looking.




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Dammit, wish you was closer... Nice rig, pretty good price too. i was fascinated by those screw presses, used to play with them every time I got down to Bob Berghman's place.



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Good price for a press that size. There's a LOT of work that one of those can do. I regret having sold the small one that I had, as there are some projects that I want to do that would be real nice to have a fly press for right now.


Justin "Tharkis" Mercier


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