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build and forge a steel lever dolly crowbar and FUBAR 2


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ciao scusa se approfitto della vostra esperienza e conoscenze tecniche, dovrei spostare i macchinari pesanti e ingombranti, quindi, ho bisogno di un grande e robusto piede di porco, potreste aiutarmi a costruire e quali materiali utilizzare questa tecnica costruzione, si dice che sul mercato ci sono dolly con ruote piede di porco e vendono anche le scarpe per spostare carichi pesanti che cosa mi puoi dire in merito? Avevo bisogno di un lungo, spessa e robusta, piede di porco, come quelli utilizzati per lavori ferroviari, grazie ancora per la vostra attenzioneclawbar1305-3.jpg167_0.jpgRoller-crowbar.jpgIdealForciclbeEntry.jpg

nemo me impune lacessit, gutta cava lapidem

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Hi Dupin, I hope you don't mind, but I thought I'd help you out and reply to your post with an English version of your writing so more of the good folks on here would be able to give you the information you need.

Ciao Dupin, spero non ti dispiaccia, ma ho pensato di aiutarvi e rispondo al tuo post una versione inglese della sua scrittura in modo che il più delle buone persone su qui sarebbe in grado di darvi le informazioni necessarie. (approssimativamente tradotto a Italiano tramite google translate) (roughly translated to Italian via google translate)

"Hello, excuse me if I take advantage of your experience and technical knowledge. I have to move some of the heavy machinery and bulky items, so I need a large and sturdy crowbar, could you help me to build one, and tell me what materials to use, and help with construction technique? It is said that in the market there are dollies with wheels crowbar, and also sell the shoes to move heavy loads. What can you tell me about it? I needed a long, thick and sturdy, crowbar, such as those used for railroad work. Thanks again for your attention."

[also roughly translated via google translate]

Le mie scuse a voi, non ho alcun consiglio per voi da me o il for vostro piede di porco edificio. buona fortuna, però, e spero che qualcuno molto più esperto di me rispondere al tuo post (approssimativamente tradotto a Italiano tramite google translate)

Edit to add, My apologies to the administration of this awesome forum if it is not my job or goes against the rules to translate other people's posts, if so then please delete my post or tell me so that I can delete it, thank you.

Edited by Collin Miller

“If you trust in yourself. . . believe in your dreams. . . and follow your star. . . you will still get beaten by the people who have spent their time working hard and learning things, the people who weren't so lazy.” ~ Terry Pratchett


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thanks for your timely and effective intervention I hope someone help me to solve my problem thanks to the next


nemo me impune lacessit, gutta cava lapidem

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Dupin, out of the images you posted, the roller crowbar is by far the most useful. You could certainly make one, I would look for a medium carbon steel such as axle shaft to use. You can see how to forge the end, make sure that the very tip is fine enough to get under your machine base on a concrete slab. I would leave the main shaft in it's original heat treatment, then after forging the business end and welding on the axle, normalize in the forge (heat just a bit higher than non-magnetic and air-cool.) That way your weld is a bit less likely to be partly air-hardened and stressed.


I would heat and quench the last couple inches of the tip, where it is tapered down, for strength. After quench, (water should be OK for axle steel but if you have oil, try that first and see if it hardens) then brighten the steel again with a grinder, then draw the temper slowly to a full blue. You don't want any brittleness in there.


Install wheels onto shaft with snap rings or nuts if the ends are threaded. Give it a try!


A simpler way to do it, that I have recently used to move my 2100 lb. vertical milling machine, is to use a "pinch bar" and roll the machine on sections of pipe.

A pinch bar is an easy forging, like a digging bar but with a sharper, single bevel end. It can be wedged under the edge of a machine base and pried. You can use one with an additional fulcrom of lumber etc. to raise or lower the machine onto or off of cribbing or rollers.

This is a pinch bar. Yours may want to be 4+ feet long, and 1" thick or more. Buy one, or if you make one, temper is as described.




Here's a closeup of a roller crowbar- it would be easy enough to forge, notice that the wheels are just heavy stacked ball bearings.



The most important thing is BE CAREFUL and don't get any parts of yourself under the edge of a machine that is levered up. Don't lever it too far or jerkily to where it could tip etc.

Please come and waste some otherwise perfectly good time, looking at my knives!


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thank you for your precious words I will certainly treasure it thanks again for your timely intervention if you have other suggestions I invite you to suggerirmeli thanks to the next

nemo me impune lacessit, gutta cava lapidem

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