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Where to sell knives?


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Hello All,

I know that this sub forum is for selling knives we have made. But I have a few knives in my personal collection. A Larry Fuegan (spelling?) friction folder, a Jay Hendrikson, a D'Alton Hunter with Ivoy scales and engraved by his wife. And some others. Does anyone know of a site that I could post them up for sale ?, Or a good Purveyor, that I might be able to sell the collection to. It's not a big collection. But they are from makers that I admired their work. Even the not so well known ones. Thanks, for any info.


Tony G.

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Try africanhunting.com, another is gun, not gum guntree, I mistakenly posted a few knives on both sites, and now can't keep up with the orders...

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bladeforums.com has a large number of collectors as members. You will have to have a paying membership to sell things, but that is where I sell about half of my knives. With makers like Fuegan I would think they will sell pretty quickly.

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