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recycling - Viking style

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This is the result of some scavenging and recycling of materials.

The blade is an old Frosts mora laminated steel.

The handle is Elm wood from an old tree that stood next to my house when I lived in Sweden.

The ferrule and end cap are water pipe components.

The only design I had in mind when I started was that it had to end up looking Viking, for
my re-enactment hobby.

The handle shape just grew out of the wood, and ended with a nice curve continuing the drop
point line.

The carving is my first (used a dremel). The dye is just a diluted water based black paint
and the handle is finished off with bees wax.





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It looks like you need to make the blade a little wider, or the handle a little slimmer. This is what I call having a blade with a handle, instead of a knife, it doesn't really match or flow like it needs to.


Your carvings have potential, I would make or buy some carving chisels instead of using a dremel, you can do good carving with a dremel, but it is usually better to use chisels, and chisels also help you to slow down and get nice, even, rounded carvings. I'm guessing the paint is an attempt to better define your carving, but there are better ways of doing this, I prefer my carvings to just be deep enough and shaped smoothly so they define themselves, but I have seen some people texture the background to add contrast and that looks nice as well.


The pipe ends are a good idea, I would smash them a little though so they'll be oval instead of round, it's easy for a round handle to turn in your hand during use, so it's better to use flatter handle shapes.

I hope this advice can help you in the future!

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Thank you for the comments, very useful - I will put chisels down on my wish list.

It is hard to see from the pictures, but the ferrule is oval, while the end
cap is round. I tend to make handles using my hands not my eyes, it is
more about having the right feel when I hold it. somehow I end
up with bulky handles. I guess I have to try and merge that with how it
looks as well. Maybe move to bigger blades that better fit the type of
handles I make. Anyway, I took some pictures of the knife before
recycling - it is the bottom blade. I have two more to practice with.



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I like the overall design, but I might suggest, if you are doing more carving, use a short bladed knife (even a sharp pocket knife) for roughing out the handle, and you can use an Xacto knife for detail work. Chisels are nice, and I would advise getting those too, but in the meantime, you can do a lot with an Xacto.

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