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Dunno if this is the right heading ref CRAMPS!

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I hope this is the right place..if not..please move it..



Now I know that at least some of you get cramped up from either not enough water or the like..and a lot of you know how I feel about endorsing ANYTHING..and the only other product to date that I have given my "say" on has been Ballistol.. This is changing now.

OK..I admit it...I am not getting any younger, granted...I have been standing in front of a hot 3200 degree forge for close to 50 years now. I sweat..It get's into the 110's here in the Summer in the Las Vegas Valley..with a few days in the 120's.. I sweat... I sweat a lot..I loose hydration and before I can re-hydrate at night I get these GAWD AWFUL cramps..even my teeth are cramping. I have found a all natural product that knocks even my cramps down in under two minutes. I mean this stuff WORKS!! It is made by :

Caleb Treeze Organic Farm

6424 Ruberta Ave

Glendale, CA 91201


They make two packagings of the same product: One for Acid Reflux (This WORKS for that as well as the cramps) and the afore mentioned cramps. This stuff works and I mean WORKS! NO chemicals other than what Mother Nature has made. They claim that this is a Amish style remedy, and since I gfrew up surrounded by these fine folks..if this is true..then..well IT WOORKS is all I can say

Now the only drawback is the taste. Some folks don't mind it..however to me this stuff is just foul. Tastes like rancid whale piss (don't ask me how I know what that tastes like...just believe me..I do..).. but at 3AM when I am cramping so bad I can not stand up or move? I do NOT CARE HOW BAD IT TASTES.. I take a couple of very small sips and in under a minute I can feel the cramping ease up..in 3 or 4 minutes..THEY ARE GONE! So check this stuff out. IT WORKS.

Now I have NO CONNECTION at all with these people..I just want to spread the word on something that isn;t synthetic or un-natural and it works...


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JPH, I can feel your pain! I thought I was the only one that did the cramp thing! I sometimes have to take large doses of steroids due to some health problems. I cramp anytime I loose a lot of fluid. I have kind of learned to try and hydrate but sometimes I let it go to far. The cramps hit usually during rest. I will feel a cramp coming on and before I can get up I will have one in both of my legs.

Because of my back I keep a cane beside my bed. Because of the cramps I keep two canes beside my bed. I have had them in my legs, feet and other parts of my body all at the same time. If it weren't for the canes sometimes I would not make it out of bed to try and walk them out and, I have walked for an hour at a time to help elevate them!


KT, on this forum that does a lot of the leather work, told me to do Quinine water, it is definitely an acquired taste and it helped but it would not stop them when I was on the steroids! I have somewhat had this problem all of my life but, after I started taking diuretics for the fluid caused by my heart trouble it seemed to get even worse! One doctor finally explained it had to do with my body dumping the fluids when I sweat so much and taking the steroids causes my body to convert the potassium to sugar, when I am on the steroids! Or something like that, his explanation made since at the time he told me!


From what I am reading it is something you take when you get the cramps!


So I am going to order some of this to have on hand as when those cramps hit, no matter how bad it tastes you want them to stop. Thanks for the info!


Just ordered a bottle for the next time I get the cramps! Thanks JPH

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I know about the quinine...I drink Tonic water a bit but the sugar is something I do not need so that is not a regular thing. Funny how you get older these things tend to sneak up on you. Back in the day..when I was a mere young tadger I had no problems at all..Now..on the downhill side of 100 I am getting stuff popping in... Now this foul brew by Caleb Treese..it works! that is all i can say..It does work..and really quick too...



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Sorry to elbow in...


I learned somthing from these past Winter Olympics and I have been using it on myself and my students. All it involves is a bucket of ice water...


Michigan gets very humid and opressive this time of year... granted it's no Nevada. One of my students over heats very easily, she would often have to step outside and pour water on her neck and head.


One day I thought back to a report I saw during the Winter Olympics. When the athleats got started hit there limit they put on the gloves that rushed a cold solution over there hands and forearms. So I got me thinking.... I got a bucket big enough to put both my arms in up to my bicsep and put a couple of bags of ice and water in it and we gave it a shot.


So I have been doing this arm dunking thing for a few weeks and I have to say I can stay in the forge and work at the anvil longer now. The trick is to keep them submerged for a while (like till you can't hold it anymore and then stay for 1 more minute) and do it often (like before you start to feel any fatigue). This has also helped my students greatly.


Yes stay hydrated.... but this works! From what I understand, the blood goes to the muscles that are being worked and starting to break down. They heat up, fatigue and swell. So by getting the blood cool (and fast) it allows the muscles to work longer and not break down (swell and fatigue).

So long as I do this I have not been sore.


Sorry to go on...


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THis is not an overheating problem..I am genetically pre-disposed to deal with higher than normal temps..(being 1/2 Greek and 1/2 Kurd) so it is just a problem with not staying hydrated ..it doesn;t matter if it is hot out or not...after I spend a day at a forge with an 8lb hammer..even when it's below 70..I don't drink enough water..I get the cramps... Still if someone wants to give your idea a try..I say go for it..


I tell ya..when these cramps get going on you..I would sit in a bath tub..filled with lime jell-o...buck nekkid,...waiting for it to harden with a pot on my head singing "mammy's lil baby luvs shortnin' shortnin'..Mammy's lil baby luvs shortnin' bread" if that would work..(how's THAT for a visual??) I mean when they start working on you..you'll try anything to get them to stop...



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I have never been so frightend while laughing so hard in my life!

I am part Greek myself. Finnish also... So I like the extremes :wacko:

Anyway... I would like to know if anyone else will try this and let me know if it works?

I have cramped up myself while working... but it seems to keep them away.


I couldn't find the report I saw on NBC but here is a link about the tech...



If this helps you in anyway Dr. it would be an honor. Your books have helped me immensly.

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My hat! That sure is a great visual Jim! Almost pee'd myself laughing! I suffer from night cramps, the more I work the worse they are! So any help at all can only be good...tried vitamins, magnesium and the rest, but not very effective, so this brew could be the answer...

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Ever since my Doc put me on Meds to control my high blood pressure I started having issues with cramps when forging in hot weather. it would happen mostly when teaching as I can't take breaks and cool down when I need to like in my own shop.. on really hot humid days it doesn't seem to matter how much water I drink I would still sweat it out and cramp up, getting Salt in me would help (chips or salted nuts) or I used to drink sports drinks, that would help but I find the taste awful and I really don't need all that refined sugar and worthless Calories ..My record is 1 1/2" Gallons of water 2 large poweraids and large gatoraid teaching a pattern welding class in 90 degf weather with no power hammers. I drank all that and I still cramped up.. and didn't hit the rest room once all day.. .

About a year ago one of my student put me on to a trick he learned from a steam fitter working at a nuke plant , V8 juice. I got to say works great, a can of V8 and a bottle or two of water is like pounding a large sports drink. I drink one or two cans in the afternoon along with water and haven't had nearly the issues with cramping. It tastes a heck of a lot better and is only 70 calories with very little sugar! The only down side is a slight desire to add Vodka, hot sauce and a celery stick.


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Yep that is where I ordered mine from, should be here this week!




I agree with JPH when the cramps hit you, you will try anything. I have had them in my hands,arm, and both legs at the same time! I look like a pregnant crippled duck trying to walk, but walk you will cause you know if you fall down,............it would mean certain death, a very slow agonizing painful death!


I often can feel right before the muscle actually cramps. If I don't use that split second warning to get up, you will wish you had! I have cramps in places most people have never dreamed of having cramps and often have them in multiple muscles at the same time! It is enough to make a grown man cry!

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I sell plasma to put gas in my car, and it happens to be on the days I have karate class (after a full day at work). Sometimes the cramps would bring me right out of bed, and worse, wake up my wife.


My least favorite ones are when your shin AND calf cramp up at the same time. If you flex your foot one way to stretch a muscle, the other one seizes up. While I was hunting with my brother a few years ago, my legs cramped up after a day of hiking up and down hills. When he heard me groaning, he had me put a spoonful of table salt under my tongue.


Nasty as all get out, but the cramps went away almost immediately. Drinking salt water also helps, it seems. Although it tastes so bad I think it works on the principle of "Get better or I'll do it again!"


And I agree, Gatorade seems more like drinking syrup at times. Lemon Ice was a good flavor, but I can't find it anymore. Powerade (sp?) is worse. I did find this recipe, though:



  • 1/2 teaspoon salt (promotes improved water retention and proper pH balance).
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda (balances pH levels and regulates water absorption).
  • 3 tablespoons sugar (provides a source of glucose, energizes the body and helps it retain moisture).
  • 1 quart room temperature water (provides hydration and a vessel for the other components).

I cut the sugar in half. 3 tablespoons for a quart of water seemed like a lot.


Or this one (which I haven't tried)



  • 3 cups of coconut water
  • 1 cup 100% juice
  • 1 cup ice
  • 1/8 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1 tablespoon raw honey
  • Squeeze of lime and orange (optional)

Put all ingredients in a high powered blender, and blend for 1 minutes. Pour into containers and enjoy immediately or store in the fridge for later. Will stay good in the fridge for 1 week.

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I have no affiliation to anyone marketing this stuff, Caleb Treeze Organic Farm so don't get the idea I am promoting it for that reason.




Way back when this thread was new I ordered a bottle of the Caleb Treeze Organic Farm after my conversation with JPH and it has been sitting on my night stand every since till today unopened.


I have always had a problem with cramps off an on my whole life. I try to stay hydrated but one of my biggest problem is I am also a heart patient and take fluid pills everyday for my heart to control fluid and swelling. Due to some other health problems I have had the past few years I have had to take steroids several times. Every time I have been on the steroids a while I will have severe cramps. I have had them where I had to walk with too canes as my legs wouldn't/couldn't bend and I just had to slowly walk them out. Sometimes it take 30-40 min. to get rid of. One doctor explained it a reaction caused by the steroids converting starches to sugar and when I get the least bit dehydrated because I already am taking the fluid pills my system goes into massive cramps all over my body.


So today I am working in the shop reworking a bench and I reach for the screw gun and my arm goes into a cramp. I tried for a minute to work it out, to now avail. I got to the back door and hollered for my daughter to help me. I told her their was a bottle of medicine for the cramps on my night stand.I shook it up but I was cramping so bad I couldn't even open the bottle. She opened for me and I took a pull right out of the bottle. JPH was right when he said it was nasty, I would venture to guess it had some Apple Cider Vinegar in it but there is some other stuff I can't identify by taste. :wacko:


Nasty or not it Caleb Treeze Organic Farm works! In a minute or two at the most the cramps stopped and I haven't had another today. So from someone who suffers with really bad cramping this stuff works!! 35.gif4.gif

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