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A couple of new ideas

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I finished these two Bird and trout knives up just in time to bring up to the ABS hammer in this weekend at NESM.

Both knives are small integrals forged from 1/4"/1" 1075. You can see what a change different approaches to heat treat can give. The Bass knife was full quenched in oil and has a slight auto hamon around the bolster area. The file worked one was clay backed with an interrupted water quench into oil for an hamon with interesting alloy banding in the pearlite and nice wispy edge.(sorry Hamons aren't really my thing and I don't know all the terms for this stuff) Drastically different looks but both should perform equally as well.

both knives have curly maple handles with a bit of sculpting to the butts.

The Bass knife has a Large mouth Bass inlayed in silver around the silver pin on one side.


These are a new direction for me I feel like I have found a bit of a muse in these. I am being inspired by a lot of late 17th-early 19th century blades of late (the METs online catalog is great for finding photos of interesting work) as well as more contemporary makers like Hill Pearce among others.


Please let me know what you all think of them. I welcome some feed back.






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Love the pin in the handle as the fish eye! The carving on the back end of the handles is first rate too B)



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Matt I just looked at these on your Facebook page!!! I love the carving on the handles and the detail in the blades are awesome as well. Great work brother!!!



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Matt - outstanding stuff. I am not usually too keen on that particular handle shape (don't know why, it is an unfair bias). But, you did a killer job with these. The inlay is cool, too. Hopefully, there is some fisherman type out there that can't wait to own one (or three) of these.


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