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Just Got a #25 Canadian Giant! little build along

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Hey Guys, happy to say I got my self a #25 Canadian Giant this week! wasn't really planning on a power hammer anytime soon and was more of a dream item but hey it came up for sale at a great price on 30 kms from home! so thought I'd share some of the rebuilding, and asking alot of questions! :D


Now it need some work, and forgive my novice terms (have no real experiance with these things)


everything moves freely and covered with a health amount of hardened grease. The guys I bought it from got it 5 years back at an estate sale and never fixed it up or new when it last ran


The 2 arms that connect to the ram?(part that holds the upper die) where home made a long time agoand really not something I wanted to keep so made some new ones outta mild steel hoping they'll hold up to the abuse but anything better then what I had...


The dies seem like there odd sizes from what I've looked into, the tops a drawning die that had a extra 1/2 inch welded on, and the bottem a perfectly flat and sparks high carbon but is less then 2 inchs high so gonna they to get a set of matching dies atleast.


Now here's what I'm not sure of, there's a small amount of play in the bearings/mainshaft, not much but a little... does anyone know how much would be ok? The babhitt is cracked in some parts and chipped of of some of the edges, would this be a sign it's time to repour them? there's a old school machinist at work that can help me with that I think.





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I love 25 little giants , I learned damascus making on one and they really rip into the steel. I have never seen one come up for sale in the UK.....Id have it in a shot.

good find.

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Cool! The bearings don't look too bad. You actually want longitudinal grooves that connect with the oil holes on the top journals, that's how the bearings stay lubed. Longitudinal grooves on the lower bearings are needed as well, but they don't connect to any oiling holes. The grooves hold the oil for a while so you only need to top up the oil reservoirs on the top journals every few hours during heavy use, and oil before starting work every day. If there are shims between the journals take one out and retighten, that ought to remove any slop. If the shims are gone and there's still some wiggle room, then you need to repour the bearings.


The toggle links between the ram and the toggle arms (the ones that have the spring between them) are not under that much stress in use unless you have the pitman (height adjustment on the flywheel thingy) adjusted too low so the toggles can hit the guide if the dies touch. That is a Bad Thing which causes broken hammers and missing body parts, like eyes and heads.


You can get new dies and a new spring (not to mention any other parts you need) from Sid Sudemeier. Your first stop should be these guys: http://www.littlegianthammer.com/


Here's an old thread on this topic: http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=2301

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Looks pretty complete and not in that bad condition. Worn, but quite restore-able. Getting new dies cut from 4140 is probably the best bet.


I got a MUCH bigger hammer (75lb fairbanks, weighs around 4000lbs, as opposed to the 650 or so for a 25lb giant) late this spring, and it's actually a lot bigger than I really want for a hammer. For a tiny portion of a garage shop like I have, my hammer is actually too big =P

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thanks guys,


Alan the cuts in the bearings arn't wasn't was bugging me, its the material thats broken away at the edges. Also there was no shims and it still had some play, but I'm gonna try and retighten them after I clean everything out and see how they are. Someone also got rid of the oil reservoirs on the top caps and brazed some grease nipples on.





Justin I really couldn't go any bigger, kinda worried about the noise but I'll be careful of the times I use it. But being light was nice I was going to post a pic of how I got it outta the truck but thought to many people bug me about safety! :P




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Well its been a while since I started this but just got a motor. Still very much in the playing around and tinkering stage but I can get it to run now and "all back together" (atleast I haven't lost any parts yet...)


Left the bearings alone for now, The bolts can be tightened to the point that the flywheels hard to turn so they must have some life left in them.


Made some flat dies outta mild steel, maybe not the best option but time will tell... plus orange steel is softer then mild :ph34r:


The toggle arms had worn pin holes, I tig welded them up and redrilled them, got new pins too


made new toggle arm links and trust my welding above some unknown farmers, both sides are threaded... not sure if I need the adjustment but it's there.


The Pitman is the older style cast brass, and was really oval shaped, I had the machinist at work try to even things out and place a bronze bearing in there. But he didn't machine it on center and the bearings not fitting the way it should and he told me "it will wear to fit) :blink: not sure what I'm gonna do now, but I cant trust him with it! The pitman works but work like it to be 100%...


Still need to make a base outta 6 by 6's too raise it up alittle and motor mount needs tension on it( note the 25 lbs weight tied onto it ;)) but it lives! Could help myself so I forged a small knife just to try drawing it out! almost went to thin in one heat! Might be making thin blades intill I get used to it



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Thanks Sam!


Made a base for the hammer, I've read you can get away with a wood frame for a 25 pounder so here hoping. Used 6 by 6 lumder and a 1/2 inch think heavy rubber mat with some threaded rod holding it all together.



Also while I had the hammer down I stuffed some insulation into the cone area of the frame, if it was warmer out I might have tried some rubber under coating too. Hammer was a little quiter but was most likely the frame with the rubber on it. But couldn't help but wonder why they made a power hammer in the basic shape of a bell :P I've been looking at making some acoustic traps, and being very selective of the time and days I can use it... The wife says inside the house it's only a little background noise but cant hear it at all with the TV on. Not sure how the neighbours are gonna feel but they never complained yet about the forging B)




and of course the dog thought it was for him....

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