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Hello everyone,


A while back I started making some miniature swords from a spring I found, using a small kaowool forge from I started pounding out some tiny finger slayers, they were great fun but only around three inches long so kind of useless. After a while I started working on jewelry and took a break from mini swords but recently I have been trying to make good quality 1/6th scale swords, this is my best mini sword so far.




It's not perfect, for sure, but there are some hidden treasures here...


The grips are ebony and I am working on a purpleheart wood scabbard, the metal bits not including the blade are copper, nickel, and silver.


Everything comes apart as it should, It's just a tad loose but I'll make another seppa soon enough.... (if i ever stop chopping up my garden)




The guard is copper and nickel mokume with two 1mm cubic zirconias set into it, I set a stone on it whenever im bored enough, it's fun and easy plus 100 machine cut 1mm stones only costs $10.


Finally, the blade has a soft back made from a bolt and the cutting edge was another sword made from a drill bit which snapped due to too high quench temperature and a hardened tang. I'll never leave another tang hardened at all, and I made sure to not overheat this blade.

never the less, that broken blade still cuts today in its new form, it did decide to bring some cracks with it though (hooray for recycled steel!).




I would have liked the blade to be another half inch longer but i ran out of material, the handle fit perfectly into the hands of a friends 1/6th scale figure. There wasnt really anything I could do about the handle wrapping, I just kind of tried to get a pattern but now im working on something else.


I hope you like it, my next one will be much better. I might get some drill rod soon and then I can get to work on some more serious letter openers.

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Very cool Steven! +- 7 years ago I forged 30 minatures, to go in my hat band, then some dude (wealthy) made an offer I couldent refuse! He put them into xmass crackers!

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thank you for the kind words! do you have any pictures of your miniatures miles? i hope to have a LARGE collection of these as soon as i make a good enough knife sharpening jig.




im almost finished with another miniature katana! im sorry but the few japanese words i know for the sword fittings arent coming to mind right now....

i used an allen wrench for this one, once it hardened it was impossible for me to use my files, even after i tempered it at 400F.

is a chromium vanadium steel, "cr v" was stamped onto the allen wrench.



this thing is a beast! it chops everything (to scale) and it doesnt even care! its very long and thin, im trying to style it something like a wasp, there will be more waspness in the handle. i also have a wakizashi planned to go with it





the overall length is around seven inches

the blade is five inches long and two millimeters wide at the base tapering down to 1mm at the tip, it is 1/4 inch tall at the base and .2" at the tip

the blade collar is nickle and copper mokume and fits very good!

the guard is silver with brass and mokume, im going to set some cubic zirconia in a hexagonal pattern if i can.





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That is really cool. I have been wanting to make some miniature blades too. I've heard of some smiths that had contests to see who could make the smallest blade with the same quality a normal size blades. Sounds like fun. Anyone up for a challenge? lol Totally kidding, but it would be fun to see what others on the forum could come up with.

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Love it! But my eyes are too tired to do any more! Sadly I lost the pics, but they were all 3/4 inch long...apart from a pair of crossed sabres at 1 1/4 inch!

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Btw, my forge was a 3/4 " hole in a soft kiln brick intersected by a 1/3rd " hole to take my chefs tourch! Material was a motercyle wheel spoke...or 3!

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