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Ok so I know That Mokume is a metal alloy made of soft metals such as brass and copper or silver. My question is how much more diffcult is it to make than damascus and how much of a pain is it to work i want to use it as a bolster and pomel but I dont know if its in my range or if i should stick to blued stell for the effect i want

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Mokume-gane can be very simple to make. You can do it with either sheets of the metals you want (anything that will fuse, really) or, you can do it with the cupronickel found in quarters and dimes. I did a writeup on the latter method a while ago-




It requires a little different touch than when working with ferrous metals, namely the tendency to delaminate. However, it is very workable when annealed occasionally and worked slowly. I have used it on a number of knives now, and it can give very different looks depending on what metals you use and how you etch/patinate it. I actually made mokume-gane successfully well before I ever had luck with pattern welding. Because it is essentially non-ferrous damascus, you can do the same thing as you would to steel to get the patterns you want.



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It's also going to depend on he metals that you use, a bit like damascus. There are good books out there on it, I'd tell you the one that I have but I can't find the pile it's in right now.



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