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"Vandimion," an integral dagger.

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I’ve been working on this knife for a while, among other projects. This was the artsy piece of the bunch, that proved the most challenging by far.

The blade and fittings are forged from one piece of W2 tool steel, and the handle pieces are African blackwood.

The handle is held together with two micarta pins and two hidden stainless pins.

There are a number of aspects of this knife that were new features for me to attempt. The deep fuller, the 2” hollow grinds, a hamon on this type of double edged grind, the integral quillons and pommel, the opposed tang with trickier inletting for the scales, the inside corners on the fittings machined and then carved/polished… I’m happy to have gotten through all of it to the other side.

I don’t always name knives, just when something comes to me as I’m working on one… so I named this knife “Vandimion.” That’s in reference to a character in a dark fantasy series I’m reading, a young woman named Farnese Vandimion. She leads an army called the Knights of the Holy Iron Chain- who roam the land, prosecuting and burning witches in the service of the Pope. She’s a very dark yet beautiful character who later finds redemption, becoming a witch herself and fighting heroically against the true forces of evil.

That is to say, I tried to combine a sort of femininity, a bit of darkness, a medieval aspect, and the flame of the hamon to represent the pyre (the series is by a Japanese author as well.) There also seems to be a touch of Art Deco, which crept in without me realizing it (although I have in the last year worked occasionally with a master artist blacksmith who does wonderful work in the Art Deco style…)

I went with a dark style hamon and mattin finish blade at 1000 grit as I wanted the boldness of that, and the fittings and tang are sanded all over to 600 grit and oiled. The blackwood was finished with coats of teak oil.

12” blade length
16-5/16” overall length
1-1/8” max blade with
4-3/16” quillons, tip to tip
.220” blade width at ricasso
9.5 oz. total weight

Ok ok, enough yakking, here are the pics finally! There’s a vid too, at the bottom. Enjoy! Feedback appreciated.


Video to come later, when I get to a better internet connection…

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Great job man, congratulations on getting it done, you've done a mammoth of a job! And I do see the similarities with the Holy Chains theme :-)


It truly is a great serie to get inspired from, and it just gets better and better..




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Truly gorgeous Salem. The darkness came through; this is the dagger that Elric of Melnibone would carry. The companion to Stormbringer...

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Salem, I use to frequent bladeforums.com, under the handle of Dixiebalde57, I remember when I first began to see your posts there and you have stepped up your game by leaps and bounds to the point, I now feel I am the new kid on the block!


That is awesome and gives almost a totally new meaning to the term intergal!


Wow and you are becoming a master of that type of handle. When I first saw your first, I wasn't sure I liked but now I am definitely on board as one who loves it! clap.gif

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I knew it, I knew it would be incredible. I know you were stressed, but your work came out great. Now I hope you will take some time to relax and have a few beers and come back to it fresh.

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Beautiful Salem , still meaning to come by for a visit..........was in Tanasket a few weeks back but just ran out of time ,sometime soon I hope , all the best beautiful creation.......

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I have always admired integrals for the care in planning and execution they require, but this!!!! Spectacular does not even do it justice B) I am fascinated by every aspect of the dagger and can't help staring at all the lines. That sounds like an interesting series, too. Might have to give it a read



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Salem - I really dig the interaction of the grind lines and the fuller. Also, the carving/sculpting of the pommel. You nailed that one, man. I am really impressed and inspired by it. It is a darn fine dagger. I am happy to see you excel like this!

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