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A Stroke, On June 17 ,2013 my dad Stroke, my dad is 69yrs old, he was not home for a month n a half, we could have lost him, it hit his right side, he's home now n getting better, Very scary and it hit me hard.

This is the knife I have been working on, I have not forged at all this year yet, to busy with my dad, but hopefully now that he is home I will be able to do some stuff, and on top of that I have a new job where I'm working 12hr days, It don't give me much time to do anything photo 3.JPGphoto 2.JPGphoto 3.JPG


I also got a gas blast furnace and a annealing furnace and a little hot box all for $100 before my dads stroke that I still need to hook up...

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You got your priorities right son, the knife making will wait! I lost my Dad several years ago and would give anything just to spend five minutes with him. One day we all be together again, until then............!



I wish your Dad the very best and I will say a prayer for him and all of your family. When he gets home he will need all the support you can give him!

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IMG_1932.JPGThank you much Adam, Phil, Miles , C Craft !!!!!!!! :):):)

@C Craft,My dad is home,but and he is different in some good ways,we were told his personality might be changed,thank god its for the better,but someone still needs to be here with him,But over all we are very happy to have him here with and at home,Thank you's much for your kind words...


@Miles here is a pic of them

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