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So, I got in the forge today and felt a little bit froggy. So I picked up a rather large piece of 1075 that I had lying around and decided that I saw a langsaex hidden inside. Only one picture so far, and a concept sketch will come a little bit later because I haven't quite decided what to do with the hilt. I just picked up the steel and said "what the hell, let's make a sword." As is fairly typical with my projects, the planning will come after the project has begun. I'll be doing some research tonight, and may have some concept sketches by tomorrow. The reason I'm calling it a bastard saex is that It's going to be a marriage of styles between a bastard sword and a langsaex, with a narrower blade than is typical on historical saexes, as well as a crossguard, hilt, and pommel similar to a medieval bastard sword. Anyway, here's the one picture:


10585680_342863509198546_474542391_n (1).jpg

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Sounds like more of a narrow falchion, kind of... I look forward to your concept sketch.


And for future reference it's seax rather than saex, and then only when referring to those of Anglo-Saxon and related groups. ;) If it's continental it's usually just sax. No hard and fast rule (except for the ea rather than ae thing), that just seems to be the way the rebirth of the species (which started right here on this forum, btw!) is shaping up. Oh, and no matter how you spell it it's always pronounced sax as in saxophone.

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I actually caught my mistake this morning. I was a bit groggy last night when posting, and somehow misspelled it every time I typed it. I shouldn't try to do things that require thinking late at night, I guess. Thanks for the info, Alan, and I'm really not sure what to call it. I'm not really using any historical precedent, but the blade's going to be very seax-like and the hilt will be very much like a bastard sword. I'm hoping, although it's highly unlikely, that I can get this finished by the end of the month as kind of a birthday present to me. But, anyway, I did finish up a concept sketch of the hilt at least. And so, here it is, as promised.



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Well, bad news on this one. Two things caused radical design changes on this one. The first is that there just wasn't nearly as much material here as I thought there was, and the second is that I burned the tip four times and had to cut a total of two and a half inches (6 cm) off. I guess this comes from switching from charcoal to coal. So, the blade is going to end up being a lot closer to a wakizashi in shape, but the hilt will be very much different. The blade length on this is about 20" or 50 cm, and overall is about 26" or 66 cm. I was tempted several times to cut this in half and do two big knives, but I had decided I was going to make a sword with this and so I shall. If anyone has some design advice for the hilt, I would greatly appreciate it. But, without further ado, here's some pictures:


10420031_343649119119985_8468532195849418356_n (1).jpg


a mid forging picture:

1560683_343652882452942_6622548307191814530_n (1).jpg


And this is how it looks now. The recurve is not part of the final design, I just haven't forged the bevels for that section yet. I ran out of fuel while I was forging out the tang.



This little bugger popped after I took this picture. It hurts enough to have kept me out of the forge entirely today (all of these pictures are from yesterday)



This is what keeps me going in the 99 degree heat (mid thirties for anyone who doesn't live in the US) while standing next to a coal fire:

10410612_343651292453101_5402788665905760745_n (1).jpg


And finally a bit of beauty that revealed itself while I was working:



I probably won't get back in the shop tomorrow, and I definitely won't be able to over the weekend. So, hopefully, I'll be able to get some more fuel and work on this at the beginning of next week. Thanks for looking, and if you have any design advice on the I would definitely appreciate it.

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Blade shape appears very sabre like as it is so perhaps something along the lines of eastern/cavalry sabre hilt. Without knuckle bow I think. Yet the blade length is rather short for proper cavalry sabre. How about Tulwar (or Talwar) traditional Sikh sword with disk pommel and all. I haven yet seen any tulwars made on this forum so that would be cool.

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I think actually what I'm going to do is straighten the blade, which I'm still able to do because I forged the bevels rather thick. I'm probably going to do something similar in style to a medieval backsword, although shorter than was typical. I'm most likely going to do an s guard, similar to the one in the picture below. I prefer straight swords over curved swords in both terms of aesthetics and handling, so that's what I'm going to go with. Thanks for the input, it made me explore some new information which led to tangents.



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