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Almost a puuko, but I think it's bellied too much for that classification. The handle is a steel bolster, cherry piece, and birch piece. I'm trying to figure out what to do with the end of the handle. I've got a mind to put another cherry and steel but on the end.

Here it is after burning out the handle and pre-shaping.


P1010867 (1024x761).jpg

This is after a bit of work.

P1010885 (1024x768).jpg

P1010886 (1024x768).jpg

I'm not a fan of the slight bulge at the back and the carved down bit has got to go. I'm wondering if I should do something along the lines of a steel butt cap or something like this.

P1010887 (1024x768).jpg

What do you guys think of it so far and what would you recommend?

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I like the idea of a steel butt plate, but I think attaching it might be a little bit iffy. I think a better option would be some carving or embellishment of some kind on the butt.

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