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Guys, you have got to see this. (hand crafted rasps)

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That was...hypnotizing :P

It would be a neat skill to take up someday, although I shudder to think how many it would take before the rows are actually even...

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Can anyone say " carpal tunnel"? Wow, so that's what its like to be dedicated to a quality product! Imagine if everyone took that kind of pride in there work. Thanks for sharing Raymond!

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Wow, I will never complain about the cost of a good set of files again, OK so I will but not without thinking of this video!!! Gives you a different appreciation doesn't it???


Makes you ashamed for abusing a good file or rasp when trying to do a job! There was a couple of different straightening jigs they used in there different processes!


What is the name of that company??? For some reason I can't get the video to play again!


Never mind I finally got it too play again, it is Auriou !




One of those rifflers will run you about $70.00



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