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Here's my Norse reenactment getup, It's about 80% made by me. Its the best I can do so far.

The tunic, undertunic, belts, buckles, pouch(deerskin), leg wrappings (are a WiP), knife sheath(lambskin or deerskin sewn inside out and reversed it was a pain in the behind), knife, the tiny copper brooch by my collar were all made by me.


The overtunic is 100% wool except for the cotton thread stitching, with tablet woven wool trim I had ordered.

Under tunic is undyed linen

Pants are linen, I only dyed them.

shoes also bought(I gave up on trying to make them)

the sword is just some production one I own and rehilted. you may ignore it. <_<

And a big thanks to my friend Christine who took the photos for me. ^_^

(I should have taken off that bloody date and time option on the camera gahhh!)





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I just got back from pennsic. It was very fun. A bit wet, this year, but the temperatures were wonderful. Here are Sir Grimmer, and I, in our fancy Viking garb. Made by his sister, Astrid. 10524005_10152669696584587_4850337844247877483_n.jpg

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Nice pictures .... but the second is very ... so write .....disgraceful!
First sword unsheathed without purpose, only for photos and worse, treated as a stick to support himself.
It is disrespectful to the sword and the spirit of that (if) it lives.
We today to the white weapon approached quite differently as it once was ......
Once on felling in the forest instinctively I drove the ax into the ground and got to the head of the foreman, he explained to me that it is disrespectful !!!!

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