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Iron Work (to pay the bills)

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Since I first got into this obsession with forging steel and iron, I have always tried to finance my habit with proceeds from said habit. So, if I'm gonna be building gas forges and stuff like that, I'm gonna have to earn some money.


One of my fellow reenactors manages the Sequoyah Birthplace Museum in Vonore, TN http://www.sequoyahmuseum.org/


They are presently restoring a turn-of-the 19th Century dog-trot log house and I was asked to make the iron harware for it. Sequoyah was himself a blacksmith, so they wanted everything to be forged iron. It has four shuttered windows and two door. This came to a total of 22 strap hinges and pintels. He also wanted a hook latch for each of the shutters. In one end of the house, there is a big fireplace. They plan to do a lot of cooking in their interpretations, so they wanted a double crane.


So here's what I came up with:



22 fishtail strap hinges. 6 for the doors; 16 for the window shutters




22 pintles... all wrapped and welded



4 shutter latches and 8 steeples




And 2 matching fireplace cranes.


Fun job, but I'm worn out for a while. I'll be sure and follow up when construction is complete and everything is mounted.





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Thanks. I appreciate it.


Should get some pics of the finished cabin soon.

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