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A Single Edged Viking Sword WIP: Florianek/Stephens Collaboration

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Hello Gentlemen! here are some still pics:

For those of you that didn't see Petr's last post on Facebook. Looking pretty cool, eh?

<p>Greetings!</p> <p> </p> <p>At Owen Bush's recent superlative hammer in, my friend Petr Florianek and myself decided to collaborate on a single-edge Viking sword.&l

Posted Images

By all that is holy, that's a fine sword!!! :ph34r:

I had to wait until just now to watch the video, and Petr posted the still photos while I was watching it, which just added to the experience.  Petr, my hat is off to you (always, of course!) but in this instance for using pressblech!  I thought it was chasing until you said that.  I am even more gobsmacked now!  

I think I'm gonna have to go lie down now...

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Holy hell gentlemen; you certainly put forth your right foot.  Damn that is a fine sword.  I aspire to make something half of that one of these days.  Cheers to you both!!

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I'm sorry it took so long to comment. I must have fainted and been asleep for the last few days............

Gents, I congratulate you both. That is an absolutely stunning work of the art. Exceptional mastery displayed.

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Miss your post elder brother. It's a long time. 

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This piece is amazing and I'm sure the photos don't do it justice at all. 


The carving work is beautiful. 


Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

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