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Old Forest Fighter

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The second set of pics is better. I like the overall shape and design. Very well done!


Real nice. The level of workmanship comes thru in the second pics.


Is this an intergal with a threaded pommel? It appears that it may be but, after re-reading the description, the ferrule of the knife and the pommel may be what you describe as "wrought iron" and I am assuming those are brass spacers at both ends of the handle. Sometimes when you don't have the knife in hand a little description along with the pics goes a long ways!


Next time I would include a little more description. Understanding exactly what you are looking at goes a long ways on getting feedback.


Your work is great and it shows in the final product.


The old saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words" only applies when the picture is good. Most pics now days are done by digital and good digital picture can really show off your talents.

Most digital cameras will let you take a peak at the picture and if it looks bad in the peek it usually is. If you see a good picture it often even looks better when it shown in its full format! I like to take pics and then study them before posting them. A quality picture, will show flaws in your work, things that the naked eye often over looks. I have taken pictures and see something in the pic that I had not noticed before!! Sometimes it leads to correcting the flaw and sometimes it leads to a complete do over but the camera doesn't lie!


A little more info such as blade length and/or overall length, intergal or not, often helps to get more comments!

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Nice looking knife there Nate! That bolster looks cool, as above, a bit more info would be cool! (I'm guilty of this too!) Love the handle shape, looks like it would fit well, but I'd prefer the index finger 'groove' too drop more in front, to form more of a guard...but it's hard to tell as I'm using a mobile to view!

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