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Stabalizing walnut already attached?


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I'm in the process of making my first through tang puukko and am using some curly black walnut for the handle.

My main question is since I have already epoxied the handle on...is it too late to run it through a stabilization with some minwax wood hardener? Or could i do the same thing with thinned boiled linseed oil?

Also, if it IS too late...will saturating the handle with as much BLO as it will soak up do just fine?

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BLO should be fine. Soak it for a day or so. Then for a finis,h sand with 400-600 until you get a slurry on it. Let that get tacky, wipe and let dry so it fills the grain. Repeat every few days or so, can move up in sandpaper grade it you like.

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