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First batch of micarta! Coffee Bean Burlap


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I'm in the process of making my first batch of micarta. After a stint of insomnia last night, I felt comfortable enough to give it a go full scale after using some small patches of the material I'm using and some Gorilla Glue brand two part epoxy. The first two images are the test. I used a ziplock bag as the separator/mess-prevention barrier annnnnd it kinda stuck to the tester. So I went out and bought some wax paper.


For the full scale piece, I used bondo resin and the material which is a coffee bean bag from papua new guinea (I've just recently started working at a coffeehouse where we roast all of our coffees and the come in 170lbs bags)





This pic is the slab all clamped up, it's looking like it's going to be about 13.6mm thick (just over half an inch) and is to be going on a 1/4in thick blade that a friend of mine (who also works at the coffee house but is training under Mark Hopper for smithing as well) is making me as part of a trade for one of my knives.


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Looks like you'll get an interesting effect!

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i like it and depending on if the texture saty after shaping it looks like it might make a nice sure grip

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