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This is my favorite project to date. It is an 11.5 inch blade, 17.75
inches overall. A very high layer count integral, around 2,500 layers.
Low layer count damascus "ears" on the handle. The blade and the
scabbard are both made from bocote, pattern welded steel and silver. The
scabbard also has a hand tooled leather back with the loop inlaid into
the wood so that it does not protrude uncomfortably.


Price Sold!



LongHaul2 copy.jpg

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Thank you Interframe. A little history on me. I have been making blades for almost three years now. I was published in Blade, March 2013 "Makers to Watch in 2013" (My first knife was the one to be published) and I had a project featured in the 34th Edition, Knives 2014. I work in the shop full time and look forward to making a life within this field.

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