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Here´s my latest dirk with a handle of carved plum tree, overall length is 18´ with a handle length of 4.5´.The blade is 1.5´wide at the base and has a false edge of 7´.

I´ve given an antique finish to the blade. The sheath is leather covered wood.

Thank you for looking.


dirk pommel.jpg

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I like the proportions, and the carving. I don't know the nomenclature like Alan does, but what he said...


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Thank you, George.

I regard dirks the same way as I do with seaxes. Though I love them sharp and sturdy, they are actually not made to be used ( hopefully - at least not in the original sense ;-) )

The antiqued, slightly rugged look of those knives is meant to stress the fact that they represent ancient weapons.

Glad if I succeeded on this one.

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