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Philip Patton

Started an Aristotle today

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Today I started building an Aristotle Furnace. It got too dark to finish it tonight because I started out late, but hopefuly I will be able to get it done tomorrow. I do have a question. How thick should the sacrificial layer of clay, charcoal be on the inside? Also, if you have any tips please let me know.

Here are some photos:

First I gathered some local clay.

And I mixed it 50/50 with fresh horse manure.

Hands got a work out.


I started the build on top of a 3/4" Viking shield blank with three layers
of the mix, with a thin layer of pure clay in-between them.


While I was at it, I filled in the empty spaces in the botom of my forge with clay, and hooked up the blower. Now it is ready to go! I just need to make up some charcoal.

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It looks like you live in an area that has plenty of natural resources. For the sacrificial lining are you talking about one for the bottom of the furnace? If so 2" should be enough. Every run I had with one of these furnaces the puck of steel never settled completely on the liner. Also, as soon as you are able to its good to build the air chamber on the side before the main chamber is completely dry to get better cohesion of the two. That is a cool looking forge by the way!

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