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Roasting ore

Mick Maxen

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Personally I think over thinking is realy deep wolf hole where any can step in to...



Over thinking leads us totally wrong path´s...keep it simple, think like they did at ancinet times and all will be way easyer ;D





Wrong paths are unavoidable, unless you're willing to stand still. .... ;)

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Yup to both of the above.


The failures being just as informative as the success.


I think new info needs to be digested, taken from the brain to the gut.... chewed on first as well, till its digestable.


Nothing buzzes me more than it all going wrong and then working out how to sort it out ( normally from an educated hunch) and then doing it better (one version thereof).


oooh I can feel soooo clever......very satisfying , pat on the back , do a little dance and all that.

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forging soul in to steel



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