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hay all,

well heres My attempt at a real blade, san Mai self made carbon radom pattern over a 01 core

just got the first coat of color on the scales(cut them Myslef), I got hit with major overtime and call in's at work (Im in maintence 24/7 on call).

to top it off I leave for My yearly visit to mom (she turned 93 this year) so this will be late shipped . I beg forgivness to who gets My name it will ship just after in the mid october time frame, I still need to do leatherwork

much needed thanks gos out to William(bill) herndon if not for his help and opening his shop to me and instructing Me in his style of handle shaping Id still be ever farther behind

to all that have entered this years KITH I am very truely sorry I feel I have failed both all of you and Myself also

anyway heres a pic of the WIP


compitition blade(WIP).jpg

Edited by mike desensi

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Mike, we're extending the due date til the end of October, no need for apologies....:)


and might I say that is an excellent knife.

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WIP pic, 4 coats of leather dye first light coat of tung oil

looks like its progressing ok



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@ Dennis and Josh,

the feel is great ,Bill Herndon is a master at egonomics ,this one is a bit tweeked due to My grinding but not all that bad

I'll keep adding tung oil till I get the finish I want , the color was leather dye , should have done 2 more coats

the pic dont do justice to the wood its got alot of depth and "shimmy"

I hope who ever gets this will be happy with it

thanks all who have looked here for the positive comments and support


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hay all heres the finished piece , I tyried to destress the sheath and failed miserably

the blade still fits decent tho, handle turned out on , man was this a learning process

I want to think its a decent knife, much thanks to "uncle" Bill Herndon for the handle lesson

and Bill stroman fro the use of his forge and hammer guidness

and to all here that deal with Me





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