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My second knife: 1095 & 15N20 Kitchen Knife

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Hi all, I promised better pics of the kitchen knife when I finished it, so here they are. This is my second real knife attempt, and my first attempt at ‘Damascus’. It was made to be my gift for the office Christmas party dirty Santa exchange.

The blade is made from 1095 and 15N20. I started with a stack of 7 layers and then drew it out and quartered it a couple of times to get to 112 layers. The handle is a piece of stabilized black elm burl.


The blade is 5.8” and 1.4” high at the heel. It is 0.085” where the spine meets the handle, and that tapers to a few thousandths at the tip. The blade has a flat grind from the spine to the edge until I got the edge to about 0.010” then I ground/honed in a final bevel. The final honing was with an 8k Norton stone, and resulted in a pretty keen edge. It is certainly shaving sharp.


The pins are 316 stainless, and the little maker’s mark medallion is nickel silver.


There are lots of little flaws and lessons learned with this knife, but I'm kind or riding high on it at this moment. Please feel free to let the criticism flow...


One thing I learned is that if you let your billet o trapezoidal when you draw out the billet, you end up with those wonky looking parallel lines along the edge on one side and the spine on the other. I'll have to do better on that he next time :).





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Thanks for the compliments guys. I was over the top proud when I finished it, but now I just see things to improve when I look at the photos. Such is life, but my next project is starting to look pretty promising. I'll share it when I am done. I wasn't even interested in knives when I started blacksmithing, but this stuff is addictive!


The group in my office is pretty special. We are a small company, and the staff is one of the most dedicated, creative, and hard-working groups I have ever been a part of. Whoever takes it home is well deserving.

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