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Finally, I got to making swords! And while I have made several, this one
isthe first I have ever made... I almost finished half a year ago, and
then I didn´t have time for it, up untill now. It is my personal sword,
and it is not a direct replica of any original. It is my own impression
of type H. I´ve spent quite a lot of time thinking about what this type
means to me, what impression it makes, and what feelings do I have when I
look at various examples. The conclusion that I reached was that these
swords create, at least for me, a very strong sense of "presence",
almost if they bent matter around themselves (no, I didn´t take any
drugs or alcohol before writing this :P ) . And so I made this sword. I
call him "The Tutor", since he taught me a lot on the way. The blade is
of spring steel, 70cms long, 5cm wide at the base and 3,7cms wide before
the tip. It weights 1390g. Since it is my personal sword, and I like
the swords to have their own "pull", I find this weight quite
comfortable for my trainings. The PoB is 11cms from the guard, and the
hilt is silver and brass decorated. The grip length is 8,9cms, so it
hugs the hand nicely.







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Beautiful inlay work, Ondrej! And an apt name for it. I know what you mean about certain swords having a palpable presence. There is a point in the creation of every sword (every GOOD sword, anyway) where the maker feels the blade wake up in his hand. That's the only way to describe it, silly as it sounds. One minute it's just a strip of steel, the next it's suddenly almost a sentient being. This has never happened to me with knives, only swords and large saxes. Oh, and a spearhead, but it only wakes up when it's hafted. ;)


I can't help but feel a little apprehension for that zucchini behind it on the stump... :ph34r::lol:

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Very nice!

As others have said, the proportions of blade, fuller and hilt look spot on.


And I can see it warping matter, space and time from here! :ph34r:



I don't feel any apprehension for the Zuch, Alan, more of a morbid curiosity and macabre anticipation! :blink::D

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Amazing! It has nice lines, great shape, the proportions seem spot on, pretty much a perfect first sword!

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I like it a lot. that inlay is really cool, and a lot of work obviously went into it. you now officially have the sword-making disease from which so many of us suffer. There is no cure, only brief treatments when swords are finished before new ones are planned.

take care,


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