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Something I Am Very Proud Of

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I have been waiting for my gun to arrive before I made this post and here it is.

The gun rig was made by my GREAT friend Terry (KT). The rig has ostrich inlay and my pics just don't do it justice. Kt also provided me with the materials to make the knife which is some beautiful damascus with walrus ivory for the handle. The gun is an Uberti Frisco 45.

I hope you enjoy the view.

Lookie Lookie 002.jpg

Lookie Lookie 001.jpg

Close Up 1.JPG

Lookie Lookie 004.jpg

Gun Rig 2.JPG

Lookie Lookie 005.jpg

Edited by Wade Hougham
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Wade that's a beautiful combination of knife , gun and rig. I had a lot of fun working with you on this set up. Glad you like it. Everyone should have one fancy outfit . It couldn't belong to a better man and FRIEND... KT

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Wade, that is really nice to say the least. That KT is one heck of person. Kind of feel me and him are ole friends and have never met him in person!


Sweeeeeeeeeeet looking rig, and the knife, gun and rig all compliment each other very well!

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Thank you for the comments they are very much appreciated. :) :) :)

If you were able to see this rig in person you would be amazed at the craftsmanship and amount of work that went into it. Pictures are nice but there is no comparison to seeing it up close and personal.

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holy moly that is cool

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