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Respirators. Which one do you use and why?

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If you shop around you can easily find them for 30% less than list, and if you know the part numbers for all five parts you can probably put together the same package off Ebay for under $150. I did not know the part numbers, but now that I do I'll be happy to provide them! It's just


1. the facemask with harness,


2. the DIN adaptor thingy that allows the blower to fit the facemask,


3. the blower motor unit itself,


4. the filter, and


5. the battery and charger.


The battery is probably pretty pricy, it's huge and heavy. I did see the facemask/harness alone for something like $11, the blower for around $60, and the filters run $11 each. They are HEPA rated for particulates including lead dust, mold, asbestos, and radon products(!). I don't think they make an organic vapor cartridge for it, though.


The same facemask part number is used for a model with a nosecup and conventional dual-filter respirator adaptor like a standard half-mask, and you can get an adaptor to use with SCUBA for confined space and fire/rescue/hazmat duty.

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Hi I use the Trend Airshield Pro and love it. I got it off Amazon and paid significantly less than 600 for it. I wear glasses and can't deal with fogged up lenses that come with the typical half face versions or standard type masks...this full face, fresh air keeps my glasses clean, first of all, and fog free. I clean the filters with compressed air and use them again and again.

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i currently use the 3M 6200 dual filter model. I previously worked in a job position that required fit testing, etc. I found that the right size is critical. If you wear the wrong size you are not being protected. You wont see me making knives without it.

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I'm wondering if something like this http://www.gvs.com/product-family/223/1035/ would be sufficient? already planned on a full face shield instead of safety glasses, but unsure if this half mask and face shield would be sufficient for most work while grinding etc? have done enough of the i'm bullet proof and immortal when i was younger (thankfully cant recall anything along the lines of breathing in things i shouldn't). Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, health and safety is something I don't like skimping on, but I know so many distributors these days like the extra keywords that don't belong to generate more hits

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That’s exactly what I’m using right now, seems like it works well.

they also have the charcoal replacement filters for more chemical fumes.

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Man I wish I knew about this resp o rator before I spent $165 on this. It really doesn't work well with a beard.:wacko:

download (1).jpeg

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