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stainless damascus- non blade

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I know very little about stainless steels in general and was wondering what mix of steels would show contrast for stainless Damascus jewelry? It would not have to be harden-able like a blade. I also already have 416 on hand.


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Use google to search the forum. There were some threads on this. There was an Argentinian smith (I forget his name now), that used to post all the time that had a few stainless PW tutorials.


In Google enter


site:bladesmithsforum.com "you search phrase"


I keep waiting for Jul to post one (hint, hint, Jul).


I've welded 440c to 1095 before. It was a pain in the ass, but it worked.



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440C to 1095!!! I knew you were a little nuts Dave (in the best possible firey beard kind of way), but that is just down right crazy!


JLoose.com says he uses 304L and 316L. The L stands for "low carbon", 0.03% max instead of 0.08%. This is for carbide reduction, and I imagine that carbides would make things trickier, so I would stick with the L version of those. Just a guess though, never forge welded stainless.

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