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1095 and curly birch

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Forged from 5/8 round stock

Handle is curly birch Oal 12"


Thanks for looking!!!



Curly birch fighter 001.JPG

Curly birch fighter 002.JPG

Curly birch fighter 003.JPG

Curly birch fighter 004.JPG

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Kip, I have seen several from you with similar design and I have to say I really am liking this one. The handle material really looks good. Your hard work is paying off, and that is an awesome piece. OK had to go back and look at the pic again, so do like it!


Kind of reminds me of a woman and you can't decide whether you want to take a second look and then you catch yourself taking a third look and you got to conclude, "Wow she really is beautiful"! :unsure::o:lol:


Hey now I know what happened to my double barrel shotgun! :)

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that is really nice. I first thought the spine had forging marks left in (for about 3 seconds). I though, wow, such a refined knife, forging marks don't belong here. Just a mistake on my part, misreading the spine filework.


darn cool. very refined. I like it.

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