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Iron Smelting in Africa

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I've had this movie for a long time, and learned lots from it. Glad it's on youtube!
Michael McCarhy, Jake Keen and I met these men on our trip to Burkina Faso in
2008.Unfortunately, I missed most of the smelt day, because I had drunk
some water I shouldn't have the day before. ...

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Thank you very much for posting that..fantastic video!

This is a precious piece of video for me in particular. That is pretty much the way I make charcoal and they show us How to Burn it. I am not sure how long that smelt actually took ( I will try to estimate it by looking again ) but a guess would be 5-6 hrs. . The way the air enters that furnace, the ingredient composition and general furnace shape is fascinating.


The whole process points me to running slower with flux ( for iron )...for steel I will continue the faster furnaces.



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those bellows were interesting....very clever

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I agree, but an all steel hammer including the handle, god that would kill your wrist quick. But I wonder how that would work in forging knives. I guess if the hammer is held in a way one could forge a blade with a "hollow grind" edge with out grinding. but that's just me being foolish.

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