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Hello fellow bladesmiths!

I was contacted by a customer who wanted a simple 10th century sword. After discussing it a bit further, he has chosen a quite funny (at least in my opinion) sword :) It is described in Ian Pierce´s Swords of the Viking Age, page 122-123. I say funny, because the pommel is ridiculously small for the blade and cross dimensions...

Well, here is my attempt. Blade is 78,4cms long, the grip 9,7cms. It weighs 1030g, and it´s blunt.

IMG_0713 (960x1280).jpg

IMG_0716 (1280x960).jpg

IMG_0718 (1280x960).jpg

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well, if that's what he wants, then that is what he gets! The sword looks great, just a small pommel. It has a historical support, too.

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Looks awesome! The pommel is small.

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