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Have not posted for a while. Partly because I do not have a camera.

Also, I don't think all I do is so damn interesting :D


But here is one of my latest. I wanted to do a knife with stones in the guard, facing towards the tip of the blade. Had this "dream" for a long but had not any excuse to make it real :D Then I had an exhibition of my works and there it was, a good reason for make it. Did not had complete design, just an obscure idea about stones. But time was running out and I started from what I had. Not a good way to work though.

It's still unfinished (undesigned). I hope I finish it soon. Otherwise it will ceases to be interesting.








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Beautiful! You have an excellent sense of design, I only wish it had a hamon :D .

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I really like the shape of the blade and handles. The stones are a nice idea, and the guard transitions are cool, too.


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