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New "Little Hunter" Necker in Black Lip Pearl

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Hello all,

You know how sometimes you have to do something, just because it’s fun.... this was one of those. Here is a fully-functional (of course) small version of one of my Hunter styles you can wear around your neck. I did my best with the pix but, pearl is a bugger to photograph. I think it’ll all come through though. I hope you like her.

Thanks again,



This Neck knife is just a small version of one of my Hunter styles, hence the name. This little full-tang knife is forged from 440 layers of high carbon damascus steel (1095-1084-5160 steels in the mix) in a "random" pattern. The top spine has been beveled and this piece has a nice deep etch all the way around. The handle scales are top grade Black Lip Mother of Pearl and are secured with two stainless steel pins The overall length of this knife is 4 5/8" with a cutting edge of 2 1/4". This knife comes with a molded black Kydex sheath with matching ball-chain.

Price, with Kydex sheath: $400.00, plus shipping.







Also, check out new knives just posted as well as new pieces available

as well as web site updates at.... www.mountainhollow.net

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