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Damascus Ring

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This is my first foray into damascus jewellery! Also first attempy at a 'W' weld but this doesn't come out in this piece extremely well.... Unfortunately nowhere near as awesome as the previous pieces which inspired me from this forum, thank you very much Robert Burns!


WP_20141114_002 (800x449).jpg WP_20141114_003 (800x449).jpg


WP_20141114_005 (800x449).jpg WP_20141114_006 (800x449).jpg


WP_20141114_007 (800x449).jpg

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Doesn't Robert still owe us a WIP thread, or did I miss it? :D

Yours came out great too, maybe we can get you to do a WIP if we can't shame Robert into doing it! :ph34r:

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That turned out great James! I think it looks a lot nicer than mine did:) I'd still be happy to do a WIP I have four rings I'm about to start in about a week, so if you guys still want me to do one I could. Love the ring James!

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