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Horseshoe friction folder

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This one I forged from old horseshoe (founded under floor in my mother in law house).

On scales I use box wood.







And one photo from work progress, all parts before completing:



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Old tradition in our country to hang a horseshoe over the door for good luck, never heard of putting one under the floor for good luck but sounds like it is plausible! :huh:


Looks like you found some good luck with that one, cause that is one fine knife you have made out of the horseshoe! :lol:


I really like the design and the carving on the wood handle is great!!!

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Fantastic little folder... could the shoe possibly have been something like wrought iron or shear steel? The amount of character in that monosteel blade is fabulous. Carvings are lovely too...


I've been planning on building a friction folder as well... did you use a stop pin to keep the blade from rotating more than 180 degrees?

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Thank you all!

I try to reply all questions in one answer so:


I found there more than one because that room was former stable :D It has some carbon but mot much (works similar like steels with 0,5-0,6 % carbon) so on small knives I think is usable.

There are stop pin behind main rivet- you can see it at that photo of knife parts- if you want I could make some datail photos on further friction folder. On this knife works in both positions open and closed. Sometime closed position hold that wood (in some cases leather) piece.

If somebody is interested to wear this one in pocket please visit my Facebook pages (Knives by Hloh) to learn more.

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