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Belt grinder

Jacek Robotka

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I am looking for where to buy/order belt grinder without motor. I have found Kalamazoo Grinders.

Does anyone know where to buy or order one, or does anyone use Kalamazoo one?



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Hey Jacek, I have had this as my sole grinder for about 15 years. It was free at the time because it was old. I can tell you it is a good grinder that will last you a while. But if I were to purchase a grinder it would not be this one. If you have several grinders and you need one for a good flat platen then this is a good one, but one of the 72" with the interchangeable interfaces like the KMG would be my choice if I had only one grinder.

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Have you seen this post? Making Grinder At least it is on your side of the pond. It looks like an incredible tool but, you may want to pick it up in person! If you choose to go this route. Be sure to read the last post. Not sure what your budget is or why you would be looking at a Kalamazoo, in the UK?



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Does anyone know where to buy or order one, or does anyone use Kalamazoo one?




I have both used them quite a bit and actually MADE those. Was employed by Kalamazoo Industries up till last year when I found a better job. They are decent enough, you can buy them from multiple suppliers or from the company direct.


MSC Direct will likely get it to you faster. They tend to be a month or 3 behind direct from the company. Especially after I left and they have had trouble finding another lathe guy of my caliber to work for what they want to pay. :)





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