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This knife was ordered by a girlfriend who anted a gift for her loved one, for his birthday. Since the man in question reenacts 10th century, central Europe, I have searhed for somethin nicely decorated, yet not overly complicated because of the budget. I have found a piece of bone that had a carving of two birds, and I decided to use that on a knife. This is the result: Wrought iron body with tool steel edge, carved antler handle (peacock?), and a simple sheath decorated by wrought iron ftting (also from a find).

IMG_0016 (1280x960).jpg

IMG_0017 (1280x960).jpg

IMG_0029 (1280x960).jpg


aaand a litle shot of the wrought structure:

IMG_0015 (1280x960).jpg

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Great knife! The wrought really adds character, and the bone handle looks great.

Would I be wrong for assuming this type of knife is an ancestor to the Puukko knife?

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I like the wrought and the creative use of things you found. I understand the need to make budget knives for gifts (I am struggling with this myself).

good work, as usual. Glad you shared with us.


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Thank you gentlemen for the kind words! Collin - to be honest, I have no idea. My focus lies in medieval stuff, so truly, I am clueless :) . Jajimi - I forged a rectangular bar of wrought, then I filed the "lumps" and the rods connecting them. Then, I drilled a hole halfway through each lump, and soldered a rivet to it with silver. After that I engraved the lines, etched it, bent it to shape, and went mad during the riveting. Ta-daaa :D

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