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Knives and Hunting

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These are pics and knives from a northern Idaho hunt.


WIP knife. The guard is an alloy I made with copper, zinc, and aluminum. It looks just like 14k gold, though it does tarnish. The finished product was a gift to my cousin for inviting me up to hunt.




A bear skull from the hunt, and also while out in the woods I came across a moose skeleton that had been dead for at least a couple of years. I took the leg bones and used one to make the knife. The guard is moose antler. The fore-end of the handle has a hemp cord wrap, and a leather strap is on the back end. I later donated the bear skull to a local Indian tribe and they take it to public schools for education.




A moose came up the hill to check me out. Photo taken by my cousin.




Me with the elk I took.



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Awesome all the way around, the knife, the hunting pics. A wonderful way to repay someone for their hospitality! Now he has something to remind him of the moment in time from now on! B)

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Great report, thanks for sharing. Looks like you made a great shot. Lucky find, that bear skull. You can spend a lifetime tramping through wilderness brush and not come across something like that.

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I really like the look of that second knife, though both are beautiful. Congrats on the elk.


Also, kudos for donating the bear skull. My local trapper's council has a wildlife education program and its dependent on donated pelts, feathers, and bones to make the display work.

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