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First try at the ring thing.....

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I had a couple of good blacksmith friends ask me to make them some damascus wedding rings.....they asked me a week ago and are getting married in a week!!!.....!

I promised that i would be able to do it in carbon steel no problem . but doubted that i could get a satisfactory result in stainless steel in the time . which was the case. I have no problem welding up stainless steel but am happy and at ease in carbon steel where I often twist upwards of 5 twists an inch for nice tight pattern (often quite a bit more), I was doubtful that the stainless steel would withstand that kind of distortion. I tried the stainless and it was OK but I have stuck with what I know, I just cant figure twisting Ssteel the way I want to.

The couple getting married are both Black smiths and cant wear rings most of the time, so just for special occasions and because they are smiths I am happy with steel.

If I could get stainless steel to do this I would be laughing, as it is I am very happy with the results and all in all it was a great few days playing with different materials at a different scale, with no sharp edges.....


The rings





and another shot with a stainless steel ring on top (xmas sorted for my sister inlaw.....!)




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They look good!

I am also curious about your method, did you punch and drift a hole through a disk of material or loop a bar and forge weld (like chain link)?

Thanks for sharing.


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Nice! I find the carbon steel more aesthetically pleasing, personally. I don't think there would be any problems with metal poisoning if they're not going to be worn constantly.

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yeh , not worried about metal poisoning..... more a rust issue.......


I still have an aesthetic problem with stainless steel.....but for rings its so obviously a better material . I will play more with it because for the kitchen knife buying public ...its also a better material..... I need to get over my stainless hangup, damn my grungy aesthetic.


stainless is also a bastard to work with, hats off to those who do it all the time.


I phones up and emailed a few friends to quiz on how to make these rings and ended up using techniques that were told to me in confidence , with my own added twists ....so I am not at liberty to disclose how they were made. apologies for that.

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In response to the comments/questions about "metal poisoning" & rust issues.

I have been wearing a carbon steel ring I made, nearly 24/7 for the past couple years. Mine is nowhere near as nice as Owen's, so I won't bother with a pic. Point is, mine is unlined and uncoated. I did a nitric acid etch to passivate the surface when I made it, and it gets exposed to gun/knife oils as I apply them to other items. That is all the rust prevention it gets.

I have only found 2 situations that induce any rust:

1. When I do yard or forge work, build up a heavy sweat and then go directly to bed. I wake up the next morning with a light redish stripe where the ring sat against my finger. Washing my hands before bed is all it takes to prevent this, but when I forget that, it just takes 20 seconds to scrub out while I wash my hair in the shower.


2. When I take it off because it started to rub a blister while hammering (worn on my right index finger). I sometimes find some faint surface rust if I forget to put it back on for a few hours. A quick rub with a buffing cloth removes the rust quite nicely. Prevention just requires wiping the sweat off as I take it off and then sticking it on a shelf instead of a sweaty pocket.

Hope that info helps someone,


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