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Early Iron Four
April 24 - 26, 2015
Ashokan Centre, Olivebrige NY

Early Iron 4 will be held in pairing with the Northeastern Blacksmith's Association spring hammer in.
Current thought is to have a separate admission for the Early Iron related programming. (Although we all expect a certain amount of 'slop' between the two groups of metal smiths.)

The Ashokan Centre is well known for its history of blacksmithing events.
The facility is located roughly half way between New York City and Albany.

As well as space for the progamming, Ashokan offers a combination lodging and meals package (separate purchase).


At this point there is still some discussion about how to shape Early Iron 4.
Earlier symposiums have centred on demonstrations and teaching.
Some possible 'themes' that Early Iron 4 could explore:
- Historic / Cultural iron smelting traditions (North European / African / Japanese)
- Variations on Ore (similar furnaces then running various local ore types)
- Bloom to Bar to Object (more concentration on the challenges of working up those blooms!)

The exact format the activities take will determine the costing for participants.


Stay Tuned as details develop!


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I would have loved to come along to this but as I plan my year so far ahead it clashes with a class I already have bookings on ....damn.

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From Jonathon Nedbor

(you) need to correct the blacksmith group's name. The group co-hosting at Ashokan in Northeast Blacksmiths Association.

I keep adding an extra 'ern' on to Northeast !!


sorry Jonathon and anyone at NBA

(not the ball sport organization - either)

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