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Big fighter with walrus-ivory

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I love that bronze(?) guard, and the ivory works really well with the forge finish and the etch on that hamon. Outstanding lines, too.

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great work, again!

question - what do you quench your blades in?

this is one of the coolest hamons I have ever seen.


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thank you all for your posts!



this one was a clayless quench in polymer like so many others before.

and like so many others before it has its different look...

but I´m really happy, what came out here.



the spine shows the remaining forged surface, sandblast and brushed with a rotating steelbrush.

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That's one of those pieces that gets a WWWhoa baby, when you first put your eyes on it! The workmanship is so flawless, that you begin to look for anything that you could call a flaw and.............well there is none!


That is just one of the finest pieces of workmanship I have seen in a while! A big, two thumbs up!

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Always a joy to see your work. What amazes me is that over the years I've watched you, though I fail to see anything to improve upon, you still push the bar higher and continue to improve.

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