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Rasp to blade

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Was thinking the file guard was a bit too thin so I remade the guard from some brass. I'm aiming for a bit of "toughness with some elegance". Critique is welcome.





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That one is turning out nice. The contrast of the materials set off well! I like the brass for two reasons, it is thicker and it allowed for some style. The spalted Maple shows well. As mentioned by Eddie watch those squared off corners it allows for stress areas to develop after hardening and tempering. The best thing to do is take a round file an slightly round that area. The guard covers the round and the stress areas disappear. I I would like to see at least one fine pin in the handle thru the tang. It gives you a safety on the drop/shock factor breaking the epoxy! All and all I give it high marks!!

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Thanks for the replies fellas. I still have a tad more shaping to do on the guard but I hit it with some brass black for a quick peek of things to come. I'm digging the thought of a antique look to the guard instead of polished. Polished would be too flashy in my eye. Critique is always welcome.image.jpg


Still a work in progress.....

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