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DIY: Drill Sander

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im not a big fan of hand sanding.

more the "quick & dirty" style guy. so i came up with this.



with some fine grit sand paper it gives you a pretty nice finish on wood.

tell me what you think or if you have any ideas to make this more efficient.


have a nice day,


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Looks nice! I've seen and used similar contraptions for polishing relief carving with great success, but I think for most things I will stick to hand standing. It leaves a very uniform polish with no high spots or low spots.
I am an artistic perfectionist though, so YMMV.

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Try this go to a machine shop training program high school and or tech. With plans, buy all the material needed for two projects. You get one, the school or instructor get the other. I have a 2x72 belt sander and treadle hammer in the works.

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