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Arashi No Umi Fighter

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That's a beauty! A truly inspirational!

Looked at your website and true it is - better fused than previous attempts :D Perhaps both, the blade as well as handle have a scent of japanese style in. So overall, it's not like you fused two entirely different parts.


Thanks for showing!


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lovely fusion work...this is a very promising direction for you! copper dot inlay is a good touch and i always appreciate japanese style takedown, useful on any knife...dancing along the lines of tanto/bowie is an area i have pondered much and is on the long term list for sure! (some research indicates the original/first bowie had a lot of lines and measurements in common with tanto)


...it also just occurred to me that without the ito, and with some kind of medallion/menuki, it would be a very steampunk "era" looking piece...there's a whole new untapped client list for that genre done subtly and well (as opposed to simply slapping on some non-functioning gears and a label, haha)

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