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So I started making a spear today, partly as a secondary weapon for hunting our local feral pigs, but mostly just because I felt that I needed one. :D

I wanted to use 1045 laminated with 5160 core, like san mai, but the local Alro doesn't carry "exotic" steels, so I went with 1018 and the venerable mystery steel. In this case, it's small gauge railroad track, pulled out of state forest along the AuSable river, most likely from a logging track. I used an angle grinder to cut the top off of about 14" of track, forged one end flat, normalized thrice using my Mark II eyeball to gauge temps, and quenched in weak brine. To my happy surprise, it hardened beautifully, and from my limited experience with grain size, it appears to have very a fine grain, comparable to the professionally HT'd stainless I run at work.

Questions, critique, and suggestions welcome.

I feel a duty to warn that progress will be extremely slow, as my forge is 2 hours away from my "normal" residence (apartment) that I am at no less than 5 days a week. <_< Unless there is a fellow smith in the Saginaw/Reese area that wouldn't mind me using a corner of their property? :ph34r:


Here's a pic of the broken end:


And a pic of the envisioned spearhead:


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