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Beautiful work! I'm jealous of your modeling expertise. I'd so love to be able to cut and paste details when making fittings, and well as getting perfect symmetry. But my few attempts with the software made it clear that it's a long learning curve, and also just how good you have to be to make something like the parts you've done.

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Great to see this piece . and the pattern welded blade on the origional looks like a good one , I still find it very hard to read xrays but could that be a 4 over 4 core? or a 2 over 4 ?


I would be really interested in how much time you put into this piece as the work is so out of my understanding I find it hard to place. The final results to my eye look quite amazing have decent flow and lack the pixilated blockyness I come to expect from this process.



forging soul in to steel



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