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new knife, my first on Bladesmith's

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not sure what style this even is, i just followed it with the hammer as i forged. first knife completed this year, the surviving one of a pair from the same piece of leaf spring. i do not know what the leaf spring is from. started it Nov 2013, laid on the bench til night before Christmas. yeah, weird Xmas eve project. it started out as a 10cm x 2cm (about 4"x 1")ish centre section. forged out to 25 cm (9.75")

thickness 3.5mm (1/8"). blade is 12.5cm (4 7/8"). forged with propane, but heat treated with charcoal and tempered beside the banana bread in the oven at 350 for 2 x 1hr sessions

some file galling marks are left in the blade. these can go deep, really hard to sand out. but i have since learned the characteristics of that file and how not to get galling.

handle is moose antler and unknown pallet wood. welding rod pins, JB weld sticking it together. linseed oil finish, and will be sitting it in hot beeswax for about.

only machine used was angle grinder to cut spring apart, and bring to basic shape.

any and all comments welcome, and any name shorter than "roach belly pistol grip trailing point __________" would be awesome.




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On design I would suggest something to "push" your forefinger away from the blade; this looks fairly easy to grab too high or slip up and get cut.

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Looks great! Keep a-makin'.

Nice filework, too ;)

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thanks. tried it at work today, military mess hall. took down 18 full pork loins into centre cut chops(22 chops per loin). sharpened once at the start, and kept up with the other guy and his butcher knife who cut the other 18 loins. then cut 11 5lb cases of chicken into cubes. kind of hard on the wrist, as it is not a utility knife or butcher knife, but have to test the edge somehow. edge held all day, used it instead of my regular throw away work knife.

the notch and smallish ricasso area are not sharp, and did stop my pork greasy hand hand from sliding to the blade. i did originally forge a guard, but didn`t like the look.



i may have even sold it to one of the hunter types at work. need to make a sheath now.

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hey - no one made a perfect knife early on, and probably not ever (or only 1 in 20 or so). All the rest, we look at them and think what we wish we could have changed (there is always something like a chip in the wood that we had to fill with epoxy, or a hole from an insect we didn't know about until too late, or a warp we couldn't quite fix, or the ricasso wasn't quite what we wanted, etc.)


Don't even get me started on weld flaws.


that knife looks good, and I am sure it works well. For me, I had to start putting a little less drop in the handle of using knives. I made fighters with a serious drop for awhile so you could line up a thrust more with your wrist. But, for slicing a lot, too much drop is hard on the wrist.


great. I have been quoting Bob Engnath's website today for some reason, so I will continue. He said to, "sell the knife, make enough money to make 3 more knives with it, and give some of the money to your wife for putting up with the mess."

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now a sheath, scrap new leather from wifes favourite craft store. they sell it by the bag.



there is no belt loop added or slot for a belt as yet.

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thank you, and yes, i agree with you you about the more qualified people, and i feel humbled in a good way, if that makes sense.

the wood isn`t oak, its got tropical characteristics, and if allowed to weather, will turn almost black. i imagine it will eventually turn black as well. extremely heavy wood, maybe twice as heavy as oak.

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