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Large cleaver inspired by youtube.

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Been awhile since I posted anything with a cutting edge. Anyhow, I was surfing youtube and came across this awesome youtube video:


From the bouncing lower die, to large production san mai construction, it was awesome. There are some naysayers out there, but it was a testament to the anyang hammers, look at all the layers built up to reach proper anvil height! When he forges the tang out, cutting and bending outwards, that was pretty awesome. I had to try my hand at this. My attempt is not san mai, but from a solid piece of leaf spring. The handle I turned from ash. To secure the handle, I welded a 5/16" threaded rod to the end and made an aluminum nut that tightened down on the handle. The nut was recessed 1" and a disk of ash was glued to cover over the opening. Cutting edge is 8" with an overall length of 13 1/2."









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Thanks! I used a set of rounded dies on the power hammer to achieve that effect. I really like the texture, I think I will make a few more to sell.

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I'm not quite there yet. My goal is to save up 15-18k by the summer. The next few months will be working overtime shifts and cranking out projects. I think I need around 20% for raw land.

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Lovely cleaver, John, I like the texturing!


Interesting to note in the video that the way we are shown of making the tang (cut up from the blade, bent out, and forged down, 6:00 ff ) seems to differ from the way they seem to actually make the tang (rectangle cut from the blank, as seen in a number of shots, i.e. 7:05 tangs sticking out of ash, 7.13 blanks waiting for tangs to be drawn out).

Why is that, I wonder? The second method makes a lot more sense to me.

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